Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The following are the criteria that should help us define our Objective:
1) It should be aimed at undertaking projects that help the children of India, who are the future of India.
2) It should be aimed at SOL (Standard of Living).
3) It should be simply worded so that everyone can understand.
4) It should be broad so that we are able to cover all the entities that affect the SOL of those children.

Here's how Aishwar put it:
Our aim is to improve the standard of living of children in India

IF the group members differ or disagree with the above criteria and/or objective please speak up. IF NOT, then we should move beyond and start taking up projects that are adherent to the above objective. This is a very sincere request. Please... please agree or disagree.

Agree: 6members
Others didnt disagree. Per above statement, they did not need to if they AGREED with the OBJECTIVE.

Final Word: Please let this stand as a majority agreement on OUR OBJECTIVE. Words until believed in and worked towards will be just that-words. IF we can unify behind and believe in the above words, the strength of our characters, dreams and abilities will also unify to produce a strong team that will do everything in their power to help the Children Of INDIA. For the dreams and aspirations of those children and for a better future of INDIA, let us stand unified.


ranjit nair said...

Junta > Pls note that SOL is 'Standard of living'. ( Myself took abt 2 mins to figure that out)

Shashi said...

I agree !!!

But would like to discuss what does SOL mean to our group.

Let us try to define the terms used in our own way so that we can be more focussed.

Aish said...


Great way to put it. I am in total agreement. But I would still go with "Do everything and anything that makes children better citizens".

Jagan said...


Dhaval Patel said...

I agree too. I also agree with pursuing all possibilities to help the children of INDIA to make them better citizens. However, aiming at SOL, at least as an initial goal, helps us to be sure as to what we are working towards. I am hoping this for once and all clarifies and stands as our initial goal/objective.

Badhri said...

Agreed. Sorry for the delay.