Thursday, March 6, 2008

NGOcamp ! Anyone ?

It was during the last Skype meeting that we accidentally stumbled upon the idea of a networking event for NGOs in India. A quick google search for such events doesn't help much which essentially means that there is space for such an event, or not at all !

The idea is to organise a networking cum experience sharing event for NGOs in India. Scale and details have to be decided if we decide to go for it. A possible option is an Unconference styled event on the lines of blogCamp,barcamp etc.

My personal experience makes me believe that networking helps in many ways than one, peer learning being one of the most important takeaways. An interesting site that I came across is . It's kind of an association for all NGOs working in rural India. I couldn't find a similiar one for Urban NGOs though.

Junta > Do come up with what you think on this !


Aish said...

Hi Ranjit,

Badhri has been talking about this idea of an umbrella organization which will bring together various NGOs and related organizations.

I found an organization - - I am reading through their website. One thing that I have noticed is they organize marathon (for awareness, I suppose) and have organized an auction to generate funds. What is missing is the interaction between organizations to help them work better. Some kind of knowledge sharing.

Coming to your point of a conference of NGOs - it does sound like a good idea. what is required, however, is a detailed study of the need for such a conference, the appeal and once we zero in on these things, the logistics of organizing such a conference. Does that sound like an idea?

Dhaval Patel said...
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