Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My thoughts..!

Guys it may be too lengthy but trust me i couldn't edit it more :-)

Post interactions I understand we had successfully zeroed on children/Women as our target group which needs support or rather our services, but how is what needs to be defined effectively! It's clearly understood that our main objective is to raise the standard of living of people who are below the poverty line, as that's the section which is most deprived of isn't?? It's indeed necessary that we have a good brainstorming session on this but before that I guess we should have the facts in hands before we venture out into something of this big a challenge… It's very essential to have our facts and figures in place as this may involve a lot of legal and non legal affairs in the upcoming times as and when we progress hopefully. And I guess our efforts in whatever ways are not going waste, as we indeed should research this well in advance before plunging into it blindly! Such initiatives always help when it's well researched, aggressively thought and discussed with its pros and cons.

Now I came across this link which is very informative http://www.wakeupcall.org/about_us/about_us.php (Visit this page, which may help us connect with them at our current situation)........... http://www.wakeupcall.org/administration_in_india/world_class_governance.php (the whole site has to be explored well…yet another informative & interesting page) …not sure how many of you would have come across but, request you all to study this carefully and please think and then come up with your ideas as to how we can constructively frame our OBJECTIVE and achieve them.

My take on the whole Objective is pretty clear as in we intend to bring a change in the life of an individual by helping him/her get a better standard of living through the means of education, better livelihood ! He should feel one amongst us. The next move is not clear as in how to start off and where to start from…?

A few queries strikes my mind mostly and they are -

* Are we heading towards building another NGO? If yes, then we need to interact with a few NGOs and understand the challenges they face, how they capture projects...how much funds are required etc etc etc. We need to build a project on this itself if we intend to form one.

* How much time and efforts or homework we need to invest per day / per week / per person to drive this religiously?

* Should this be treated as a priority in each one of our lives since it's at such a nascent stage…?

* Should we build contacts and seek projects..?(What kind of projects that needs to be addressed… http://www.wakeupcall.org/Future_Projects/Projects.php )

* Should we seek some advice from people who have deeper experience? I think we should…as it may open up a lot of our doubts in mind.

* Asking again that we as in the members of this initiative need to identify each one of our strengths to be put in use for our cause!

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Dhaval Patel said...

our objective was always sort of understood but never put down in words on paper. so i think we are now trying to do that.
as of today, i dont think we should move towards starting a ngo. although, if we do that would be an admirable goal.
this has to be a priority after obviously work and family, but still a priority. it will help us put the best foot forward.
doing research, building contacts and talking to experienced people will always help, so given the opportunity we should be doing one of those three, at least.
how much time each person should put in depends on the person, but if you make this a priority, u r going to maximize the time u put in. that will only help.
those are my thoughts..good post shabnam.

shabnam said...

Thanks Dhaval..!

Aish said...

1. NGO should not be an objective currently. It requires many things that we will be picking up in the years to come.

2. Universally agreed answer - To Each His Own. But it is important to fix the priority of this in your scheme of things. If it comes after work and family then certainly this should be thing you should be doing when you are not doing work/family.

3. This being at a nascent stage should not affect the importance we accord to it. My way of thinking this initiative should be at the back of my mind. This does not mean I keep aside 1 hour everyday to think about it. But I should be able to relate something to TTR (Targeting The Roots) when I see something worthwhile.

4. Yes we should surely try to get views from people more experienced in this field. The way we implement those views should be our discretion. But my personal opinion is we are better off with a problem of more experienced views rather than none.