Friday, December 21, 2007

Why should I do something ?

When I think of changing society or even world without being unrealistic, the first question pops up in my mind is "Why should I even bother about it?"
After all I am happy, my family is happy and life is moving smoothly for me.
So the first question to encounter is why , before we actually get into the details of HOW and WHAT to do.
Why? Take a moment think about it. Do we really need to do anything?
Does it even matter to you how much poverty is there, how is our climate getting affected and how much is crime increasing in our society?
If your answer to these questions is NO!!! You are very normal.
If your answer to these questions is YES, You are literally, normal.

I believe, its about RESPONSIBILITY. If we think it is our responsibility to improve things around us, if we think that a child who sleeps hungry near a railway station is somehow related to the delicious biryani you had last night, if you think that it is an escape from reality when you turn yourself into oblivion, you have a trace of a responsible citizen within you.

And this responsibility is very different than what we usually consider as responsibility or duty. It is not a duty, it is not a charity. It is just a realization that society is integral part of me and I am just an impression of my society.

Only when we have right attitude to serve without the desire of popularity or results, we can move into a community relation.
With a right attitude , ideas automatically keeps flowing in, energy keeps you driving and the feeling of satisfaction and joy surrounds you 24X7.

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Badhri said...

Well said dude! :)