Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Stuck at X-factor. How to more forward?

We have been talking about Standard of living, searching for factors affecting them, arguing for and against awareness
and a dozen other things. But let us admit to ourselves. Awareness is the only factor that we have at hand so far and we are still looking for the elusive X-factor(s)! That makes me think. Is this the only angle from which we can approach the whole initiative? Let us step back and think about it. How else can we approach? Let us see...now we have started thinking of the X-factor and have hit road block (Cul de sac! At last a usage for the word I learnt recently! :)) How to get past this? The only way is to think NOT in terms of the factors affecting SOL for a while. How about things that we need to know to start working on any initiative irrespective of what the X-factors are?

For example, we are trying to address social ills. And we know about the oft-talked-about Right to Information Act. It is likely that sooner or later we will end up filing an RTI petition. Why not pick up a social ill at random (or for some reason) and file an RTI petition right now? This will give us a feel of what filing RTI petitioning is all about? After all there is no dearth of social-ills! :) May be this will give us some insight into the X-factors too! And this is just an example! There may be other things that we may need to know.

Also, we are all beginners. Honestly to goodness, we have more text book knowledge about the problems we face than field experience. I sometimes wonder if that knowledge is knowledge at all or just some illusion. So, why can't we hire an experienced person's help? (hire for free that is! :) )Some relative, who is a social worker or an employee of an NGO or at least just an entrepreneur who knows the insides of how our social system works.

Hope I am clear and hope this post is in English! :)

Pro of this idea: We can keep moving towards starting to our objective, as against getting stuck at the X-factor
Con of the idea: We may possibly forget about the X-factor (Remember it is still important!)

What say you? Merry Christmas, by the way!!


Jagan said...

Yes. Awareness is one of most vital point to be counted. SO, Y not start with that itself.

We are not stuck in any X-factor, if we are going towards the RTI, then we are out of the "STUCK".

I have yday, somehow got to this link of a Elderly Lady who is bangalore. Her hubby is a IAS Officer and got transferred for 6 times in 6 months for reporting corruption of the higher officials. So she starting this website with the help of her son, who is US studying now.

Jus have a look.


Badhri said...

Sixer! am already on it!
Thanks dude!

Dhaval Patel said...

forgive my ignorance but i wasnt aware of the rti act. so while i was trying to read up on it, i came across this website. it talks about rti and how it can and has been used for various social causes..may be worth a look if u didnt already know abt it.

Priya said...

dheivangale.. awesome.. i will join too//

Priya said...

definitely, filing will give some idea..

Aish said...

Hey Jagan,

Looks like a good place to start. I too am on it ;)