Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some Hope...!

Badhri, Aish and I have been discussing aggressively on our next steps.. its weird but we have done that over the cups of coffee, .breakfast ;-) and also amidst heavy traffic while walking and talking..! We were just dabbling our hands into this and that when we finally concluded that Reddy Foundation discussion has to be taken forward, a visit to Anand Bharathi for a whole day event and extract some important information from an NGO Naandi.Org in terms of their functions so that we may get some direction for our next motive!

I initiated to fish out the contact numbers of Reddy Foundation, and somehow I felt like talking to them directly…and that’s how I got to speak with Mr. Devi Prasad, Chief of Corporate Communications of Reddy Foundation Group. Well, it turned out to be quite productive and informative too…The summary listed below for your reference:

Reddy Foundations, Hyderabad

Contact Nos: 040-65343424, 040-23304199, 040-23301868

  • Reddy Foundation is focusing chiefly on Livelihood and education programmes for an age-group of 3-25 year olds..
  • They have so far 13 primary schools upto 3rd standard addressing quality education. They provide, meals, uniform and study materials to the children. Also support some govt. schools
  • Their Education Resource Center lays down the course materials.
  • They also cater to vocational courses between 18-35 age group. Theyhave 30 such courses, for 3 months duration. Target Audience being, school dropouts/ below poverty lines/youth). They have a placement cell too which grooms them and prepares them for job.
  • They conduct road shows to create awareness as one of their mediums and then conduct an Interest Elementary Test to identify their skills and counsel them or guide them for an appropriate course.
  • 3 Chief divisions for vocational courses are, ITS (IT Enabled Service), Customer Relations, and White Good Services.
  • They intend to build “Neighborhood Schools” in the coming year, which would upgrade the education from 3rd standard to 12th Standard.
  • They have also tied up with Agha Khan Foundation which aids training to teachers; provide innovative ideas to teachers to motivate children to attend regular schools.
  • They have been successful in providing livelihoods to 1,35000 people across the nation.
  • They also generate lot of rural development programmes.

Well Devi Prasad proposed us to meet up and discuss the possibility to partner with them and can work out a way to mutually benefit in the long run. He also discussed a possibility if we can drive one of their Livelihood Advanced Business School programmes in any area in Hyderabad. All this would be discussed at his end with the Director of Education of Reddy Foundation Group... Hence that introductory email was sent out. Lets see how positively he responds else, would follow up with him on Monday morning if he received the mail etc etc.


Badhri said...

Excellent display initiative and when I saw you organizing the info in MS word to organize your thoughts, my head started spinning. I didn't do it even for my thesis submission, for god sake! :)

Anyway, the outcome is we (at least Shabnam) are going meet this Devi Prasad and hopefully we will get our hands dirty soon!

Aish said...

I echo Badhri's thoughts.
The turnaround time for this one was simply excellent.
I think we all need to have this sense of urgency (which is different from being rash).

Shabnam said...

Hey thanks guys :-) am just lookin for my collar...

Jagan said...

My Goodness,
Reddy's are running a mini-educational government.. Hats off to them...

Lets hope for the reply for our mail.

and then where v can fit-in and help them.