Saturday, February 9, 2008

Key Issues - Women's Development, Children, Poverty

  1. Water
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Agriculture
  5. Environment
  6. Natural Resources
  7. Micro Finance
  8. Population
  9. Disability
  10. Housing
  11. Emergency Relief
  12. Human Rights
  13. Displacement
  14. Forest Land Rights and Tribals
  15. Child Rights
  16. Women Empowerment
  17. Right To information
  18. Right to food
  19. Panchayati Raj
  20. Peace
  21. Animal Welfare
  22. Labour Rights


  1. Employment Generation: capacity Building, implementation, Monitoring, and asset building.
  2. Sustainable Livelihoods – Institutional models and approaches to promote sustainable livelihoods for the poor and marginalized.
  3. Entrepreneurship development – support through marketing and financial linkages, business and development services.
  4. Skill development – Through vocational education and technical writing for unorganized sector and women.
  5. Condition of work – improved work condition for unorganized workers and workplace policies for HIV
  6. Social protection: provision of social security to unorganized sector workers.
  7. Organizing workers in the unorganized sector.

Am sure…after looking at the above scattered points you all may wonder what’s this…but trust me that’s what I have been thinking as a first step to build a strategy towards our AIM…we essentially need to list out the issues that need attention or areas where we can invest our time and services which would eventually bring a change in the standard of living of society. After exploring a bit ...ideally there were lots of issues (listed above)… but according to me there were three primary subjects that intertwined and laid to various problems. POVERTY, WOMEN AND CHILDREN. If you look at it in a broader way, lack of women’s development lead to various problems like lack of awareness, lack of self development, poverty and eventually it impacts the society on the whole. For instance in a family which is below poverty line if the women of the household is educated (to an extent or instilled confidence), groomed she can contribute majorly towards the financial development of the household and can cater to the basic necessities of the family! This would further add on to better raised children who can further go to schools and get the primary education or develop a positive outlook towards an educated sect of the community. So the point is we can create awareness amongst the women or prefer to groom the children who serve to be the future of our nation.


Badhri said...

I had moments when I felt "Why is Shabnam quite now?" when I was talking. But man! never new you've been churning up ideas when we were yapping around.

Truly wonderful thoughts. My understanding is, in addition to concentrating on kids, concentrate on their moms too! That we you will not only end up improving the kids life, but the entire family! Good point.

Now that the "what and why" is answered, the question is HOW?!

Badhri said...


Jagan said...

It is a gud one indeed.

I agree with that....
Foccussing on WOMEN and CHILDREN, surely lead the mission and solve most of the problems, as u said.

Further, we have to focus on "Cause" and it will lead to further issues and to find the REMEDY.

SB said...


Good post, it is the right way to go about it.

We need to brainwash...and come up with something that fits all and achievable too.

My personal choice is target - the child as it will cure poverty, education, women, future, and what not !!!

But the discussion has just begun !