Saturday, January 5, 2008

Targeting the Meet - 3

What: Targeting the Meet - 3
When: Sun Jan 13 9pm – Sun Jan 7 10pm IST
Where: Skype
1. New member intro
2. Previous Fortnight goals update
3. Discussion: RTI, fightcorruption, X-factor..any other?
4. Next fortnight goals!
5. Wrap

Minutes of this meeting - and all subsequent meetings can be found at:


Jagan said...

Hi Badhri,
2day is SUNDAY, but not Jan7th 2008.

We have met last week only???

This meeting is due to fewer attendees last week or u have made a MISTAKE on date//

Please Clarify???


Badhri said...

Change to the calender made to clarify question!

Thanks Jagan! You are still good at mosquito-killing and error-catching! :)

Dhaval Patel said...

hey guys..i was thinking abt corruption and how rti can help bring abt transparency in the process. so i have read figures in news abt tsunami aid distribution, for eg, fishermen who were supposed to get 200000 only got 80000. there are some other reports on the net, eg:
i think the rti can be used to find how much of the money really went towards aid and where did the rest of the funds go? wat say u? integrity a washington based company came out with this report on corruption in various's how india performed in 2006:
if u take a look, the report includes a corruption timeline for india and perhaps a poignant statement that corruption is rampant at grass root levels.

apologies for making such a long comment..

Aish said...

Hey Dhaval, No apologies required for long comments. If you really want to apologise then ask for forgiveness from the Google guys :-); though I am sure they wont mind

Fazal said...

Hi All,
I am a friend of Aish Mishra working in Pramati, Hyderabad. I will like to take more interest in this initiative, but for now just wanted to add a pointer on RRTI.

I think one of the major applications of RTI currently has been on PDS system in India (Public Distribution System). This as everyone knows is one of the areas where corruption is rampant. I would do some more research on this if you guys feel this can be a good project to be taken up as educating people with low level of incomes on this topic can help them a lot practically.

Aish said...

Hey Fazal,

Honestly, appreciate your seriousness and your suggestion. Believe me, we are happy that there is a flood (positive connotation) of perspectives. Will talk to you "offline" and see if you can attend our next meeting.

Dhaval Patel said...

hey guys, so i just wanted to add to the rti discussion. as my interest lies in health care, here is a good example of an application seeking info regarding Gandhi Hospital in secunderabad:
also, there is a group: M.A.D. that was started two years in the same spirit as targeting the roots. it might be worth a look: