Saturday, January 5, 2008

Minutes: Targeting the Meet - 2

Attendees: Jagan, Krishnakanth, Shashi, Badhri


1. New member intro

Krishnakanth (KK): Chartered accountant, Pricewaterhousecoopers, UK

2. Have you thought about factors affection Standard of Living?

  • Concern: Members @ different countries, busy work life, how to sustain initiative?
  • On SOL:
    • SOL is generic term. Need to choose our focus. (eg. under-privileged, children etc)
    • Western lifestyle at UK, lack of traditional values (like family living) affects quality of living, India getting there. Can work on retaining "non-westernised" living as a preventive measure in India

  • KK's concern:

    • Meet on a regular basis, update the groups without fail if
      unavailable for meeting. Feel answerable to the rest of the team, the
      momentum will be automatically maintained

  • On SOL:
    • Awareness! (again! :) )

  • On SOL:
    • Concentrate on children. Changing one generation is all it takes!
    • Climate-change, global warming related awareness
    • Also endorse Aish's idea of improving youth-related affairs (interview skills, choosing career path etc)
  • Interested as much in spreading awareness to literate people
3. Why not start with a social ill?
  • Filing RTI:
    • Members may read up, understand RTI and should discuss when more members are around, take a decision
  • Seeking the help of someone experienced:
    • (Badhri): May contact owners of
    • (Jagan) : Hold on. May have to discuss with the larger team. *will send a mail to the group on this*
4. Next fortnight goals!

  • Find out issues for which RTI can be filed
  • Procedure of filing RTI petition
(Shashi, KK)
  • Read up more on RTI for next week's discussion
  • Read up more about RTI
  • Send mail about contacting/not contacting owners of fightcorruption initiative
5. Wrap

Wrap! :)

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