Friday, October 10, 2008

Building your own lab each year!

We may all remember the post that I did on Teaching module. Well it may seem to be sleeping, but it is only moving at a snail's pace. I was discussing this with my third-level manager today and he gave his ideas on it. One idea which made my bulb glow was this statement of his:

"You have people working on preparing science experiments anyway. You are doing it right out of their books anyway, why don't you prepare a set of labs for the entire academic year for the kids and donate it to them? Better still, you can sell it to the school district by which it reaches all the schools in the district instead of just one school"
That is a good idea which was so near yet so far from us. One thing that these kids government school lacks is lab. If we can work on each chapter and come up with a set of labs, it would set up a lab for them for the whole year. But better still, if we can fully document the way using which the models are built, we can make the students build their own labs year after year instead of just giving them the  experiments preset. An activity based learning. So, the teaching module changes thus...

Teach kids to make their own notebooks.
How does this help?
  • non-availability of free notebooks @ govt schools
  • potential means to earn
Teach kids of appropriate age about technologies related to clean energy like solar energy
  • How tap solar energy
  • How the market is growing etc
How does this help?
    • creating experts in a market of demand for the future
Setup a model to allow kids to construct the labs themselves
How does this help?
  • Sets up a lab for themselves
  • Does incorporates activity-based learning.
All the soft-skills appreciated in a corporate environment
  • committing to a task of reasonable difficulty and completing it on time
  • being regular with work taken up and establishing proper communication about updates/possible delays
How does this help?
  • time-management, probably study better while being good at extra-curricular
  • develops proper attitude and work-ethics and improves job-prospects
  • Basic fire-safety
  • First-aid and emergency response
  • Details of phone numbers, addresses of hospitals in vicinity.
How does this help?
  • Duhh......!
Community activity
  • Some kind of an activity that sensitized them to importance of sanitation, public health, environment etc.


Sakshum said...

seems quite interesting Badhri. i am open to help you in required projects.
best of luc :)

Badhri said...

Thanks Dr. Neeti. Will remember to ask you when in need! :)