Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let's keep going - but stay focused !!

In conversation with Badhri I found each of us have a passion towards society. Our group seem to have the right thoughts and spirit. Essense for any powerful team to achieve their set goal. We have a goal ! Let's refine it further.. Well should I say prioritise ! Technically speaking we have planned our architecture, lets get into implementation. Module by module...
Out of the nutrients we have planned to inject into the roots, let's continue to focus on education and further strengthen it. Strong reason is this being a comfort zone.
The teaching module is a good starting point. Let's extend this a little further. Lets say 5-10 schools for this year & accomplish this. While doing so we should also train the willing teachers in this method so that they will continue to train future batches. Well as an incentive may be we can pay some renumerative. It works trust me !! This has dual advantages. One it relieves us to seek new avenues/schools , second the already trained place continues to adopt our method.
Coming to targeted effort lets say 5-10 schools a year has another merit. This will give us a feel on what it takes to conduct this & also how it has affected the students. Unless we do this there is no way we can find this out. No other way to learn swimming unless your are in water !!
One quick point on the effort involved. The teaching science module is HR intensive unlike the "Deploy teachers" model which India Sudar does. We adpoted this because upfront we knew we could not put in the demand volunteer modules would put. I mention this to highlight the point that there is no right & wrong method.

These are just quick points which came to mind & leave it open to discussion. As I said expereince(read it as field work) is the best teacher. No amount ot R&D can teach us that. been our experience my personal experience :-) !

So what are waiting for .. Lets keep the spirit going !! Lets start focussed. Experience will take you to places we would not dreamt of .... First we started giving education to orphanage homes .. then govt schools .. rural schools .. migrant children education .. paying inidividual fee to arrest droupout .. u never know what is in store .. stay tuned !!!!

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Badhri said...

Hi Shiva,
Great points! From what I gather, you emphasize on adopting a model that will not need too many volunteers "teach school teachers too". But I don't understand your point about "Teaching science demo can be HR intensive" Can you clarify?

My take-aways
- involve teachers.
- do it regularly in different schools and take feed back from students/teachers to refine.

Apart from that as mentioned in the previous posts, I am also thinking of including some vocational training modules like making notebooks with scrap paper and making chalks. Any critiques on that?