Thursday, April 3, 2008

Conversation with Mr. Raghuraman

Met Mr. Raghuraman K. (Head – L&D, OD & Corporate Communications of DRF) on 1st April 2008. Few of my inferences listed below, after our conversation:

1. The last batch of LAB school was at Abids, which got completed. Also got a clarity that they target the BPL group who are incapable of earning a livelihood.

2. There are currently no LAB schools in the city. Mostly because they are not getting enough aspirants.

3. Also, we were discussing on how do you trust people if they are below poverty line since; it’s easy for anyone to trick and prove that they are BPL and avail the benefits. Ironically these days, whether they can afford a square meal or not, they must possess a cell phone. Priorities in life have changed for them in the urban area. He cleared that they have to believe them through the word of mouth unlike the government which checks on the credentials through income certificates etc.

4. The focus of DRF is shifted from LABS to rural livelihood programmes to decrease migration and inculcate more opportunities in the rural area. This would help in a way to provide ample opportunities in rural area and help the families there; not get separated from their children especially boys who move out to cities in search of lucrative offers leaving them deserted and distressed. (*Quite a thoughtful point I must say).

5. There’s an Integrated Livelihood Programme called ILP run by DRF which is of a similar objective to Anand Bharati that he brought to my notice.

6. He also said he would introduce me to Ms. Mridula someone who is heading the ILP department so that we can pay a visit to one of the schools sometime and get an experience.

7. Apart from this he said we can visit their primary English medium schools called Pudami too which are built in the slum areas for again the weaker sections.

8. Last week of April with DRF, as head of the committee there’s an NGO meet and Conference for the abilities Mela, which is being conducted at the IAS Officers’. ( I remember last year I had visited one of this and that’s where I met Subba Rao, from Satyam Foundation). We can be a part of this Mela too, some kind of volunteering activity that we may expect out of this. The nature can be discussed later.


Badhri said...

So are you saying that DRF is going to scrap LABS program (which trained people for livelihood)?

Aish said...

Hi Shabnam,

My inferences on your inferences :-)

1. LABS focus may be on Below Poverty Line people. But I am not sure if all the people they cater to are from BPL. Also I cannot say that those people are incapable are finding a job. If you remember our visit to the center at Abids, a few of them were already working.

2. You mean after the Abids course gets over there is no center in Hyderabad where LABS will be held.

3. If some non BPL people do get benefited - it may not be bad after all. Also, I am sure you realize that not being Below Poverty Line does not automatically mean that the people are well to do. I found this definition of BPL . As you can see, Below Poverty Line is a minimal thing.

4. Agreed :-). Though I feel both should be taken.

5. More details please. Let us talk about this in person

6. Any progress on this meeting?

7. Any progress on this visit?

8. Pradnya, from Satyam Foundation, too forwarded this thing to me. Let us talk about it in person and let us see if we can do something. Also she forwarded something related to a workshop being conducted.

Please, let us discuss this.