Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Define...Remember....Refine..." dubbed to English

Well, I have never felt more naked before! :) Now, here is the dubbing in English of "Define, Remember and Refine"

"Improving the standard of living" is very broad objective. I have commonly seen one of the two scenarios in a group like ours trying to achieve an objective.

- "No projects to do"
In this scenario, when two days pass by, the group gets desperate looking for an activity to do and feel that getting started somewhere than just keep talking.

- "Too many projects to do":
Here, I have seen that projects are chosen primarily based on how strong feel good factor is.

Both are cases that belong two different extremes, but they yield comparable result. The group ends up executing projects after projects that don't align with the initial goal. Soon, the objective is lost.

So what is the solution? In my opinion, there has to be a criterion or a set of criteria based on which we can choose to do a project or reject it. This criteria should be defined in such a way that, when we decide to do a project based on this criteria, it should improve the standard of living (which is the goal!) of the beneficiary of the project.

Now when we execute such a project, we should always remember the criteria that we used to select the project and analyze if the project meets the objective. If it does not, we should analyze why. If we find that it is because our set of criteria is flawed (because of bad reasoning) or incomplete, we should refine them and use them to choose the next project.


Priya said...
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Priya said...

ha haha.. laughing at the statement "dubbed to english" ..
I did n't mean to put you on the spot. To be frank, I felt that all the posts have to be simple for a layman to undestand..Then, I tried to dig what is the problem..Thats when I thought I will take your post and show as an example..
Romba sorry.. I am a strong critic.. Believe me.. So, its just not you.. There are many people who gets thngs pointed out and corrected from me here..


Priya said...

and definitely, this post is far far easy and better to understand.

thanks for understanding

Aish said...

Hey Badhri,

Good start! I guess even I am a convict if posting hard-to-understand-show-your-vocab (complex) blog posts are a crime (bad). I will ensure that what language that I use here is lucid (simple). Thanks, Priya, for pointing it out.

Driver said...

Google RSS feed didn't work. Missed some posts.
Goal is clear.
What next?

Badhri said...

Didn't work? Anything change to be made on this blog's RSS settings?

What next? I think we have to have a conference talk. Trade ideas and arrive at a common ground as to what is the core objective.

In other words, we have to execute the "Define" part of this post!

I have already sent out an e-mail.