Thursday, September 27, 2007

Taking the ball and rolling it!

I have lived in India for almost all my life. Well..almost. For a short of time I had been in the US. Yea... if you had gone through the blog title, read so far, you are thinking in your mind.

"Oh! Not another supercilious NRI who harps about the comparative inequality in India and blames the politicians for it!"

Tell you what! I used to be one among them, making one-to-one comparison between a well developed economic stalwart and a fast, haphazardly growing economy. Now that I am back to stay here for good, I rather owe it to myself to be part of the solution for ostensibly countless and endless problems that either hamper the growth or render the growth to be what it currently is - lopsided, non-inclusive and non-uniform. After some constant observation and extensive brainstorming with a lot of friends, I am totally convinced that

- Any entity that caters to a segment of the masses - government or otherwise caters to what it asks for, not what it needs. And in India, the problem is we do not ask what we need. So, blaming the politicians or a government entity for a problem implies that we have missed the point to begin with.

- Any social problem comprises of two root-causes, each to varying degrees depending the nature of the problem and who it affects.

1) Ignorance ( or Lack of awareness)
2) Indifference

The solution to indifference is enforcement. In the social context, it is the responsibility of the public security system (police, armed forces) and as a civilian you and I have very limited role to play.

The solution to ignorance is a no-brainer. Awareness. But the awareness is useless if it doesn't jump start one to action and say "Why was I asleep for this long?"

With this realization it becomes but a trivial fact that all one has to do is

- put forth the correct demand,
- ask the right question and
- seek awareness on an issue that is relevant

is all one have to do and within a decades time, the results should be drastic.

There is one loose end in the whole idea. Change for the good is brought forth in response to a collective demand. That calls for a collective consciousness and a search for the like-minded people. The result is this blog which we endeavor co-author to start with. The conviction is that the ball we roll by the post we put up will generate and refine enough ideas that will steer it through to the alley to score some strikes in the society.

I owe this idea and a countless others I would have otherwise never thought of to a dude, who in addition to this, actually has a lot of space for comical non-sense on lighter subjects.

Aishwarya Mishra, What is your take?

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