Monday, January 1, 2007

Objectives and Guidelines

The initiative: Targeting the roots

Core belief:
Standard of living in a society can be improved only by the people who constitute it. If they don't work towards better living standards, nobody will.

Purpose of the initiative: To strive for improvement of living standards in Indian society.

Objective of the blog: This blog forms a rallying point for our initiative. Please DO NOT mistake the blog for "the initiative". The blog is, but, a part of our initiative. Through the blog we intend to:

1. Build a forum which will provide a platform for authors to:
i. Introduce their ideas and views on issues or ills prevailing in current Indian scenario.
ii. Discuss/Deliberate/Argue their ideas and views on topics introduced by other authors.
iii. Formulate cohesive (well integrated) and coherent(well planned) targeted initiatives/solutions, which will follow the above two steps.
iv. Form a consensus to prioritize activities, decide on future course of action for a particular activity or for the initiative as a whole

2. Build a dashboard of information on updates on current activities, start of a new activity, addition of a new member, etc.,

3. To initiate a knowledge center where interested people can introduce a social problem and opine its root causes. Suggest, analyze, debate, form a consensus and prioritize solution(s) and execution strategy.

Guidelines for authors:
1. Will express their perception of social problems, put forward their take on what they believe are its root causes.
2. May propose solutions and execution strategy if they have any.
3. Are expected to actively participate in the discussions that ensue such proposals & assist in the execution of the strategy discussed.
4. May use this blog to promote/share their own initiatives/experiences that they may have any, take help or pass on some useful suggestions to drive it further..
5. Other civic rules apply - Personal, inflammatory, racist and other derogatory remarks strictly prohibited.

Note of caution:
· This blog is just an interface that keeps the team and the general public informed and updated. The objective is to do meaningful work at the ground-level.
· Anybody from the public domain is welcome to be an author in this blog. Choice to be or not to be an author is totally voluntary.
· Posts by authors are not moderated, but will be monitored for strict compliance to civic guidelines.
· Comment from readers and authors are moderated.

Sister Blog: This ancillary blog is meant to act a resource storehouse for the the large amount of information that will be required for any of our activities. Reason for having it separately was to ensure that this blog does not get cluttered.